Friday, January 18, 2013

Doctor's ride undergoes treatment (part 1)

Hi guys!
Doctors are an indispensible constituent of our society. We need them for advice and tips for a healthier life, to attend to our health problems should they arise.

Recently, I received the visit of a doctor’s… car! She would have a new owner, and I was to prepare for it for new owner, not a full detail but a deep interior cleaning, some spot buffing on the paint and a full correction on the alloy wheels.

Here’s the first part of it. The interior.

The car was washed before moving to the interior. The washing pics to follow shortly. It’s a beige interior L, so prone to dirt. The car does is 7 years old yet she hasn’t yet come across something known as “cleaning”. Seats were removed to facilitate cleaning, completely removed, covers taken off for heavy cleaning.

Close inspection
 The rear stop light

The back


Under the rear seats

Under the boot lid

The carpet

After some initial cleaning, this will be revisited. The steamer is on, waiting for it to be ready. I’m vacuuming the interior but having a careful look outside to see if my 3-year young manager is lurking around

I had to stop… see my vacuum hose lying inside

Blood stains on the carpet behind the driver’s seat…. These were mine!

Flaked off…. Me need to see doctor now…. Skin+flesh coat gone!

Irreversible damage… No coatings for skin!

After some dressing… I’m lacking the pics as it’s difficult to use the steamer and shoot at the same time.

The rag towel


The windows

Some end pics

The carpet


The front panel

The seatbelt

The roof

The doors

Xtreme dirt gone .... Not fit for Xtreme doctor's car

This is the clean-vapor kit, steamer and extractor, smiling vacuum at the back!
Got to repair the extractor, no power! Had to use the vacuum!

The end work after several hours

Very cool car you would say! but looks can be deceiving!

Stay tuned I’ll update as soon as I get some free time to update the same!
Thanks for being with me, your comments and thoughts are most appreciated

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