Saturday, January 19, 2013

Doctor's ride undergoes treatment (Part 3 - the paintwork)

 Hi guys
Here is an update on the paintwork of the doctor's ride. It’s not a full correction though as the car is going to be sold.

I had to move to my in-laws’ place to carry out the buffing, it was too rainy at my place

The best light was amongst us, thanks God! So, let’s see how sweet paint was, I mean swirled!


Extreme close-up 

The roof

The vertical panels

Remember from where we left, cool car!

Looks are deceiving very often!  The reality is different.

Every section was more or less the same, added to the numerous RIDS (the paint is a soft one too). The ride is full of decals so I attacked the most obvious areas: the hood, the front wings and bumper. The rest of the car got a coat of glaze.

Products used:
  • Some towels
  • Pads: LC wool, white and black
  • Uber Clay, Menz 203s. Megs #80, Menz PG, Menz PO85rd, Optimum ONR

Looks can be deceiving! Beware! The Johnson bottles are just my dispensers

Rinse & Clay

Buffing the usual way,

Compounding: Menz PG S34A, LC wool pad + Makita (Used M#80 to lubricate the pad) It works for me, but pad need cleaning on the fly after each section.

RIDS became apparent

These were corrected, a few more passes and spot buffing
RIDS are gone, clarity and depth improved.

The paint was refined further.
Stone chips were visible, in fact the very first thing that others would see,
but out of focus for me, due to the depth and gloss restored, (:listen: I’ve been seeing only swirls and scratches)

Some 50/50


Some sun shots
the sun was shy

The Finishing pics

The Siamese chair: how many legs can u see?

The Flex in the aquarium

]My favorite

Back Home: Sweet Home  or Wet Home


i'll update the wheels very soon

Thanks for reading, your comments and thoughts are welcome as always


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