Monday, April 15, 2013

the Blind & the Beauty

This ride should need no introduction. it embodies beauty, quality, comfort and pride. It's an Ultimate Driving Machine. 

Its eyes have gone from worst to blinded. We set to restore the same with a little patience and a lot of passion. Please enjoy the transformation..

Upon arrival

Headlights washed and clayed


Nearer... not appearing a much damaged as the right side... 

Let's see what close inspection reveals

From different angles

Extreme close-up

A medley of defects from swirls to deep scratches and...

.... stone chips ... so many of them 

starting to turn opaque.... and

... OMG..... this hurts

a very deep scratch...

Correction in progress...

Localizing remaining defects... and


same same but new.... only restored with Almighty's grace

Transparency is the only acceptable standard

the LED is not forgotten





Close -up

Blinded beauty

Like a brick wall, it should have a very high score on the  opacity scale 

and surprisingly it was hiding many more defects underneath it.

The Afters

Transparency is the key

Light allowed to travel

Right side done

The ex-brick-wall headlight



Beauty revealed

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mercedes gets eyesight restored

we received the visit of a german beauty, having very hazy, yellowed headlights, with scratches. And this was doing no justice to the look of this ride. We had to restore the same to a new look.

On arrival

The big beauty suffering from poor eyesight

The right side before:

close-up of defects

The foam bath: an essential step

Right after: beading with a No Rinse Wash

Right after: Final pic

To the Left side now:

Close-up of left side:

Close-up again from different angles:

Correction in progress:

Left after: Final pic

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the BeyondShine team