Sunday, January 20, 2013

Doctor's ride undergoes treatment - (Part 2 - exhaust and wheels)

Hello friends

This is the 2nd part of a presale enhancement we carried out on a doctor's ride. enjoy how we turned the wheels from neglected to new!

The initial state

Sporty and nice but so dirty

The other side

it appears so nice in the shade.

 We begin with the exhaust pipe.

How dirty is dirty? 

Another view

Working the most gentle way


To the wheels now

How dirty is dirty? 


this is dirt and grime from one of the four wheels!

Cleaned but will be refined..

Another view

to the correction part now:
Letting the pics speak, defects left with correction right

The Final wipe stage
extreme close-up

My boss with the final wipe and QC



thanks for reading, your comments n thoughts are most welcome



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