Friday, December 28, 2012

From Charcoal to Gold

Hi friends
Sometimes it makes you wonder why people take care of their ride in all the ways that eglect them. If only a car could talk, you could hear her feelings.

Yes, it does!
But in a very quiet way that very often we fail to understand. And in this quest detailers thrive!

So, here we go!

That was our recent purchase. A Honda Fit

We look at her heart first! It's said that if the heart is fine, the other parts will be fine as well.

 But it wasn’t to be. Quite polluted

  Difficult to breathe. Help was her cry.

Oh Shit!

The Afters


A very healthy heart

The Interior
The interior was quite clean, someone might only have wiped the plastic parts abd be satisfied. But we wanted to get it in a better condition.

The Headliner
Only the handles seemed a bit dirty.

The seats

The seats seemed clean. but we flet Blocked pores. The seats feeling suffocated!

Trying some half-half with a steamer, not evident and is dangerous too!
As you are just under it!

The only thing you want to do = finish it as quick as possible

Steam in action

Headliner juice

This is from a clean car!
The steam action pulled the dirt out of the headliner.

The plastics

The seats

Pedals before

Pedals after

This is the only after shot I’ve been able to take. My kid was wandering around and the steamer was smoking hot. I couldn’t take any risks. I preferred him to the after-shots. After all, he’s my best companion in detailing and in life. So, no opportunity cost involved!

The turnaround was superb. The inside was like new. You could feel it fresh and anew and the pores open on the seats. As a bonus, everything was sanitized n dry in a short time. This in itself is one of the most important advantage of steam-cleaning in addition to being eco-friendly.

To the paintwork now

(Sorry for the lack pics due to a very busy scedule.)

Initial state

What are the ride's feelings?
Sad really, flat and dull. Cold as Siberian winter!
So, can't express herself!
Car was washed and clayed.

Paint Correction underway
Dividing the hood into workable sections


Not so easy to capture on grey


This is my pal

Refined version

The cowl
Half treated


 Water beading on the cowl

My little boss is here. Showing me to inspect defects :)  



What are the car's feelings now?


Mirrors don't lie.

Sleeping beauty

These are all pics that we have. Had to prepare to go abroad & could only finalize everything at the last minute. It was very hectic really!

Thanks so much for reading our detailing adventures.

The BeyondShine Team

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  1. how much for all that work? my honda fit is in this state?