Thursday, December 6, 2012

Honda Civic - Mirror Shine Edition.

Hello friends!

This was my baby, a 2004 Honda Civic V-tec. Not anymore! She’s someone else’s now. But she's  still in my heart.I remember my guru saying "take care of the family first!". Obviously, being a house member, she expected more attention from me. So, I couldn't choose any other ride.

I’ve lost a lot of pictures of her due to a data transfer gone wrong. What’s remaining is from mobile phone.

This was her state - a wild black stallion that deserved to be tamed and pampered.

This was the SWIRL EDITION Civic, prior to the make-over.

The sun is the best light for inspecting defects on a car's paint.

I started off early dawn, before the rays of the sun warmed our small island. I set myself a target of finishing it early. Washed, clayed and the “hard-work-fun” comes into play.
No fillers, No waxes, just my usual polish stuff and the rotary.

Checking work-in-process at every step

Under the sun

Needs refining to remove all the remaining swirl marks

Under light gun

Refined further with a little and plenty of passion

Buffing out polish residue

I was exhausted in the end. 2 days of hard work, non-stop. Painful back, goldfish eyes, popeye’s arms! I went out early morning the following day with all the pain. And my baby was there, so sweet, so cute, it smiled. The pain disappeared, I felt blessed by Almighty, reignited.

The door

My next victim, rather a reflection thereof

Yes, this is a reflection!

Which is which?

More reflections


Can this shine anymore?

Water pebbles on paint

Upside down ... more impressive

When others envy your ride’s shine, it’s BeyondShine.

Thanking God again and again for making yet another detailing dream come true!

Thanks for viewing



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