Sunday, February 16, 2014

From Pink to Red with love

Hello friends

Bringing to you an enhancement on a pink ride, transformed to a beauty, lil' red ride.

Letting the pics speak


After a thorough wash.... familiar scene 

Tackling the bonded contaminants

Inspection of defects... familiar scene.... oxidated paint 

Pink panther show 

look carefully 

101 dalmatians and less :) 

Correction underway

Cutting thru' the single stage paint, no clear coat

becoming alive again

Beauty restored 





Severe oxidation 

More defects 

Corrected, with a deep reflective shine left  

More defects  

Correction done  


All done with a little and a lot of pasion, patience and prayers 

Getting more of the 101 dalmatians, the reflection is the stone wall on the side 

the other side, pink panther's nation 

Correction underway 

The hood 

a little better  




Refining further, jewelling with old skool, the good ol' M80

 A lttle more patience

majestically yours 

Hydrophobically yours too ;) 

time to say goodbye with some lovely red shine 

Thanking Almighty for making another detailing adventure possible 

Loads of cheers from the BeyondShine team.

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