Saturday, March 1, 2014

The caveman's paint job - the Crocodile peel

Hello friends

We all know about oranges, full of vitamins, good for health.

One Question:
Do body shops and factories borrow this texture for their paint jobs? Is it to mimic nature?
Well food for thought!

Let's take a journey into the caveman’s paint job, his chef-d’oeuvre or master piece on a 07 black Toyota Corolla. The car had been resprayed and was covered with Orange Peel. Looking at it from close range...

Just observe

Orange peel! Not really…
More like crocodile peel!

Can this be corrected?

Well… a little and a lot of prayers, perseverance, patience and passion…
Let's begin another adventure


washed and clayed

Started with the fender, early dawn, when everybody was sleeping

Paint leveled


My photographer

It started raining

… and heavily ( my light gun got wet)

Inside the garage,

Thanks to Almighty God with Whose help car was restored. Thanks for viewing.

Your comments are welcome and appreciated as always.


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