Saturday, January 4, 2014

E39 gets new look for 2014

Hello folks

Best wishes to you all.

The owner of this BMW came to us several times but we couldn't work on his car due to my time constraints. This is the last detail we did in 2013 and actually, we completed this ride at 6 pm on the 31st December.

The work on this car totals 23 hours.

The wheel,  this is the spare one


The clay definitely didn't remain white for sure as it underwent claying for the very 1st time.

The ride had all the defects you could imagine, loads of deep swirls, orance peel, many RIDS and looked blurred.

Some of the tools used

Starting with the black roof

Heavily swirled, lots of scuffs and scratches, water spots, overspray and uneven paint 

Under fluorescent light, other defects can be found. In fact, the color was no longer original black but a "light black".

Correction underway

Almost done, only needs some jeweling to give it a BeyondShine certified shine

Look well! can you see the camera?

defects gone :)

the boot lid

Can you see the haziness on the boot lid?


Emblems taped

Combination of orange peel and polish caked

The tail lights area, left side

 The tail lights area, right side




The bumper had auite some of this type of nasty scratches  

Looking at me

The rear spoiler

Finish: Reflections or illusions?

Reflective illusions?

or illusive reflections?

The driver's side

same defects, blurred, lacking definition plus lots of scratches, paint job  wrongly done

Correction in the mildest fashion 

stitches on paint from 2 angles, another version of the caveman's paint job :(

 Runs and drips spot corrected

 hello! stop staring 

Final step

 No defects

It was already evening.....

The hood and front section

 Look closely at the light area to see the extent of defects

Water spots are on the show too

Compounding to create the level finish and depth 

This would be more than acceptable to most car owners

This one would be way better still, but we wanted to raise the level of shine 

This is the sun shining, "no swirls attached"

The bumper

Transformed.... only corrected and refined... no wax or coating yet

Shine with a Smile..... the BeyondShine way :)

The passenger's side

No definition, no clarity




Owner staring. Look out how blurred this is!

Correction underway 

Hello :) 


Sunshine on  the rear wing

 Another view

Trims restored

The side mirrors

The finishing pics

Rusty car

Adding depth to the look

water pebbles

 guess where this is actually? 

 Wishing you loads of blessings, success love and happiness throughout the year, much more than the beads

Cheers from the BeyondShine team

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