Saturday, December 21, 2013

X-treme Makeover - from a "RoAD waRRioR" to a "street dream"

Hello friends! 

welcome to still another X-treme makeover, a friend's Toyota Glanza. He had it resprayed an was told to wait for a couple of months before detailing. It came here as a work-in-progress, "wetsanded without a sanding block"

Letting the pics do the talking:

On arrival

The little boss inspecting

checking every detail 

White stains from wetsanding

Nothing spared 

clear coat gone

More wetsanding stains

Wheels before

Washing using the 2BM method

removing caked stains

Claying to remove contaminants

Final rinse before fun

Close inspection of defects, action and transformation.

The hood

The roof

same defects as the hood

The headlights and bumper

The vertical sides



Happy owner leaving with his baby for a road trip ;) actually along the blue sea ;)


Thanks a lot for watching another detailing episode

the BeyondShine team ;)

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