Thursday, November 15, 2012

X-treme Makeover - Toyota Vitz

Hello friends!

I got to do an enhancement on a yr 99 Toyota Vitz, dark blue, gorgeous in the shade. But in the sun, it was awfully filled with swirls and scratches.

Close up

Washed n Clayed

The wheels after

Defects can be best observed on a clean car. Here it is, lacking definition, dull, no depth

The ride’s best companions: swirls and scratches
Vertical panels

The hood and the top


Other paint defects       

Correction underway
I started with a test section. Going further, I found the swirls and scratches were hiding other defects such as long RIDS (random deep isolated scratches), pits and pore, and orange peel. It needed more time, more correction. Results were superb, clear definition, no holograms and swirls, the deep RIDS were reduced but were almost unnoticeable. The aim was to preserve as much clear coat as possible. The hood was the most battered part, it needed special treatment!

Deep RIDS remain, but they’re not easy to capture. Only noticeable from an angle, & with a detailer’s eye!

Pits and pores discovered while polishing.


Look at the ant: is it hydrophobic?

You can't see... can you?

Can you see now? ... Old uncle watching!

 Some 50-50 pics:

Here are some finishing pics

I got Popeye's arms after this enhancement.

Some reflection shots
 Remember before

After -  Mirror Finish on the side mirror

Mauritian Tea

Job is finished thanks God!

Old and New house

If you’ve made this far, thanks a lot for reading! Your comment and thoughts are most welcome. God bless you all.



  1. Did u repaint that Blue Vitz or polished the paint professionally?? How many days did it took u and what about the cost plz?? I've a Civic 04 wiz Black metallic and i would like to make it shiny too. U can find me on facebook, pooven vencatasamy

  2. Hello Pooven, the detail took 3.5 days in all. Need to see ur car first, see what u wanna do, then and give u quote. no worries