Sunday, September 14, 2014

BMW gets a "cyclone detail"

Sharing with you a detail job that was carried out last year. 

This beauty came to us in need of shine and gloss, she was accompanied by another guest..... "Cylone Imelda" 

letting the pics speak.

On arival

front view

and the big boss inspecting

Starting with the wheels

The paint work

Water clinging on the surface, a sign of a poorly maintained paintwork


the clay bar after one section..... it finally got worn out completely

the windscreen.... initially looking like bird droppings but looking at it closely....

Flakes coming out of the glass..... what this is?

Corrected windscreen

WET WET WET "Love is all around"

Do you remember the lyrics? How about this one?

Imelda is all around 

Swirls and RIDS


The hood


The roof

oxidation, bird dropping stains. Swirls and RIDS are there but not captured by the camera in cyclonic weather

The roof after

Mirror! Mirror!

After correction and refining

just need to complete a wipe off to shine like a mirror, same as the driver's side

Only 1 pic, it was clearer than what is captured by the camera due to the persistent rain, moist and wind.

Detail completed... in the company of an uninvited guest.... waiting for rain to stop to take some shots... but it wasn't to be....

started to dry, but all getting wet all the time, thanks to Imelda 

WET WET WET Imelda is all around  

Beads are all around

Imelda beads

Thanks for reading. Your thoughts are most welcome. 


the BeyondShine team

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