Thursday, May 1, 2014

Honda Civic- Full Correction and Coating Installation

Hello friends

A very good Thursday to all of you 

This detailing job took over 5 days, from decontamination to coating, loads of defects removal and paint leveling.

Upon arrival:


To the wheels

Washed already

close-up of contaminants

Decontamination &  Claying

in- process 

Ready to be coated and protected

To the paintwork


Assessing the work to be done

Not easy to be noticed. On this color, it’s as if the defects have got “shyness DNA”

From previous respray job, rubber trims damaged! 

NEW paint defect

More familiar

light scratches and RIDS, full of swirls but the metallic flakes just make it difficult to be captured.

The headlights

wait, not yet over

the lower sections

subsurface defect



same on both sides of the rear bumper

Paint correction:
The paint has sanding marks and scratches beaneath the clear-coat. We had to proceed with extreme caution and to add, Hondas are the champion of soft paints.

After correction

a spot or 2 remain, would have needed more clear coat removal

The roof[img][/IMG]


More swirls appearing due to a flatter surface, holograms are there too from the compounding step

My friends

Beading during the polishing stage

Checking and checking


Attending to the details


rare shots of s @work 

extreme close-up

The hood

The task at hand

Many scratches found after compounding, when the blurriness is gone

Inch-by-inch inspection

More inspection

The Sun test

The swipe test

Finishing beads

Feeling blessed

The hood

Peek-a-boo wih the sun

Perfection wanted

Couldn’t get the sun from the camera, but no swirls left


The doors and vertical panels
To recap

Orange peel and textured paint removed 

Almost done


I’ve still got an agricultural garage/workshop

A few reflection shots

Some Finshing beads

Coating the mirror

Some opti-beads shots

The Finishing pics

Thanks for reading, Your thoughts and comments are most welcome.

The BeyondShine team

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